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We offer rental trailers (known as advertising mobiles), which are an excellent carrier that allows to closely approach ad’s recipients. They do not need to look for your ad - your advertisement reaches the recipient. We are located in Warsaw; however, our business is not limited to the local market - our trailers may drive across the entire country and European Union. Mobile advertisement perfectly suits promotion of a given product or service. It may be used for electoral campaigns, to inform about various kinds of cultural events, concerts, etc. Such form of advertisement is presented on the line of sight of other drivers and pedestrians in the busiest areas - it guarantees the highest visibility. It shall reach a lot of recipients.

advertising trailer schema

Usage of a mobile trailer brings a lot of benefits. They shall include:
- mobility provide a larger reach than a traditional billboard
- lower cost of reaching the recipient compared to other forms of advertisements in the city
- advertisement is located where the client wants
- mobile advertisement attracts more attention than static one
- large advertising surface, which is on the sight level is remembered much easier

We offer various options:
- we may provide a trailer in any place across Warsaw (or other city), alongside a road (stationary advertisement).
- we may rent the trailer with a car - we established the time and route to be traveled by the trailer.
- we rent the trailer for a specified time and you develop details of the advertising campaign on your own. Trailers may be provided to any location.

Prices depend on clients’ requirements; thus, we determine them individually. Would you like to know how much rental of advertising trailer costs? Contact us.

przyczepy z reklamami
przyczepy stojące przy drodze
przyczepy przy drodze
reklama kasa stefczyka
przyczepa reklamowa przy rossmanie
pełna moc - reklama stefczyk
reklama stefczyk

Technical details concerning our trailers
All trailers have one axis and no breaks. They have two large surfaces intended for an advertisement. The construction is made of a high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel. The advertising surface may be covered by paper or polyester banner. The trailer shall be loaded with concrete, which is invisibly hidden in the construction. This influences the trailer’s stability as well as increases resistance to atmospheric conditions. Trailers have a permanent support for drawbar (possible dismantling), electrical installation, emergency rope.

Trailers’ dimensions:

  • Lenght: 515 cm
  • Width: 193 cm
  • Height: 245 cm
  • Advertising surface: 400 x 200 cm
  • Total mass: 580 kg
  • Wheel dimensions: 155R13
  • Lenght: 615 cm
  • Width: 193 cm
  • Height: 285 cm
  • Advertising surface: 500 x 240 cm
  • Total mass: 650 kg
  • Wheel dimensions: 155R13
widok przyczepy z boku
koło przyczepy
mocowanie przyczepy
oświetlenie tylne przyczepy

Trailers are in a very good technical condition. Their appearance shall not influence a good appearance of the advertisement. No additional qualifications shall be required to tow a trailer - you just need a driving license cat. B.


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+48 601-945-579

We deliver vehicles, trailers to every location in UE
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We deliver vehicles, trailers to every location in UE We have been operating on the market since 1991
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