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Physical persons or a company (hereinafter called the “Lessee”) renting a trailer in Metkon (hereinafter called the “Vehicle rental”) shall be required to:
- present an identity document
- pay the rental fee
- verify proper functioning of a mechanical and electrical as well as condition of the tire. Any notice irregularities shall be reported to the Vehicle rental’s representative. In case of noticing any irregularities, they shall be reported to the Vehicle rental’s employee.

Advertising trailers may be used across the entire European Union.

Fee for rental shall be calculated depending on the number of days, for which the trailer is rented and the daily rate.

The Lessee may extend the rental period after having immediately informed the Vehicle rentals about such fact as well as having paid upon return of the trailer.

All trailers shall be covered by civil liability insurance. The Lessee acknowledges that trailers are not covered by AC and PAC insurance.

The Lessee shall commit not to exceed the trailer’s maximum capacity.

The Lessee shall be liable for all damages to trailers as well as theft during the rental period. In case of damaging the trailer, repairs shall be performed by the Lessee or under the Vehicle rental’s consent, the Lessee shall pay a stipulated cost of repair. In case of theft or total destruction of trailer, the Lessee shall pay the equivalent of the trailer’s value.

In case, when the Police gives a ticket or confiscates vehicle registration card due to overloading, lack of qualifications, etc., or technical defects caused by the Lessee, all related costs shall be covered by the Lessee.

In case of breakdown of the trailer due to the Lessee’s fault, the Vehicle rentals shall not bear any costs related to towing and repair of the trailer.

The service shall be ended with a technical acceptance, return of all documents (vehicle registration card, civil liability insurance). Representative shall confirm the end of service with their signature under the AGREEMENT. In case of failure to accept the trailer, service shall be continued, and its costs shall be borne by the Lessee.

Failure to return the trailer shall constitute a crime of appropriating under the Criminal Code. By signing the agreement, the Lessee declares to know the principles of the Road Traffic Code relating to usage and movement of vehicle trailers as well as to hold authorization to tow the rented trailer.

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+48 601-945-579

We deliver vehicles, trailers to every location in UE
We have been operating on the market since 1991

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We deliver vehicles, trailers to every location in UE We have been operating on the market since 1991
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